Very nice place to live. My building is only 3 years old. Everything is still in brand new condition. The granite countertops were a big selling point for me. As far as apartments go, my master bathroom is huge, and I have a very spacious walk-in closet. We have a lot of storage in general, where 32 of our kitchen cabinets aren’t even used just because we have so many. As far as management and service requests go, the property manager is great to work with and even after normal business hours she promptly replies to the (pretty infrequent) emails I send. When I moved in here, I was surprised at how PRO-active the maintenance team is here. I’ve never seen routine dryer vent cleaning before living here. I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience here, both the property manager and the people in maintenance have responded quickly and diligently whenever I’ve needed them. In fact, anytime the property manager sees me getting my mail, she’ll motion for me to come over just to check and see how everything is going. A few times a year they even organize a get together for all of the residents here.