Like new apartment complexes with plenty of space throughout. Separate laundry rooms and granite countertops in the kitchen are a plus. Perfect location right off of 81, and a short drive to everything you need including downtown. Price is reasonable and noise is minimal, but keep in mind that it is apartment living and people are always coming and going throughout the day. I never have to drive around to find parking, in fact, I park in the same spot on most days with no issues. There’s a great group of people who live here too. I’ve met people of all ages, but there seems to be a growing number of young professionals like myself moving in. Not too many kiddos running around either. The few times I needed something fixed, maintenance was here within a day or so. Beth, the property manager, goes above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly. Very welcoming and constantly looking for ways to improve the community. She even goes out of her way to host events by the pool and bring everyone together with great food and music. Really glad I chose to live here!